Kalimantan on the Indonesian island of Borneo is home to some of the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. Over time, large parts of this rainforest have been destroyed to make room for farming. However, this deforestation has led to soil erosion, which means the crops have failed. The forests will take decades to recover. In Costa Rica, the rainforests are being conserved by the creation of National Parks. The local population rely on the forests for much needed tourism.

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World Physical
First broadcast:
21 February 2008

Students could produce before and after diagrams, contrasting an established rainforest with one cleared for farming. Look at case studies of large scale monoculture and consider their pros and cons. What are a short and long term, local, national and global impacts? Consider the role of National Parks and other bodies to conserve and protect rainforests and discuss how much influence people in the UK or other countries can have, such as through consumer choices.