The story of the Good Samaritan, as told by Jesus in one of the gospels of the New Testament. A traveller is beaten up and robbed, and left for dead along the road. A priest comes by, but deliberately avoids the man. A lawyer also comes by but he too avoids the injured man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by, and he helps the injured man, in an act of mercy and compassion.

This clip is from:
Watch, Christianity: Friends
First broadcast:
21 September 2007

Students could discuss what they think makes a true friend. Do they have any true friends? What do they do which makes them a true friend? Working in pairs, students could write a list of the character traits of a true friend. Students could consider if you need to know someone to be a true friend to them. Ask students to think of examples of people who have behaved as a true friend to another person without having known them. For example, a person who visits a sick person in hospital, even if they do not know them.

Students could also be given a list of statements and asked to pick out the ones which are true if you were going to be a real friend for someone. For example “if another student I do not know is carrying too many bags - I will offer to help them” or “I notice that an elderly woman is struggling to climb some stairs – I will help her”.