Barnaby Bear wakes up early to help Farmer Ellis milk the cows. Barnaby learns about some of the many jobs on an animal farm and Farmer Ellis shows him how to milk a cow.

Before viewing the clip, sing ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ together. Ask: “Why are there so many animals on the farm?” Collect the children’s responses and establish that we get different foods from different animals, such as milk from cows, eggs from chickens and meat from pigs and sheep. Point out that we get wool from sheep, too. As pupils watch the clip, ask them to look very carefully at the jobs Barnaby Bear and Farmer Ellis do around the farm. After viewing, the children could take turns to mime carrying out a job on the farm, while their classmates guess which job is being shown. Can they mime any farm jobs not shown in the clip? Ask pupils and their families to collect photos of farm products when they’re out on a shopping trip. The children could make a class slideshow of the results.