Writer and rapper, Double S, explains how he used references to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books when writing about his own family. He describes his own enjoyment of the Harry Potter books and some of the underlying messages he feels they contain. His explanation is accompanied by extracts from performances of his draft and finished pieces. He compares using these references to making analytical points about a text. Key lines and vocabulary appear as captions on the screen as he is speaking.

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Bitesize Clips

1. Useful to introduce the idea of literary allusion to younger students. Give students a list of all the Harry Potter references that Double S uses eg “My Mum’s like Lily” and ask them to explain what each one tell us about the person or idea he is describing. 2. Use as part of an author study to invite students to think about the cultural significance of JK Rowling’s writing and the Harry Potter series in particular.