Danyal and his friends enjoy playing frisbee in the Circo Massimo in Rome, but what he loves most is training with his football team after school. We find out what positions he and his friends play, which teams they support, meet their coach, and follow a practice match. At the end no-one is quite sure about the final score. Presented in Italian with Italian graphics and narration in English.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

This clip could be used as a starting point for comparing games played in different countries, including their history. This could lead to discussion of ‘national games’ and the importance of these in their respective countries . This could equally be set as a research activity for small groups who subsequently report their findings to the class.

Could be used to learn vocabulary relevant to introductions using ‘sono…’, ‘mi chiamo…’ , assuming a role within a team. The teacher can prepare small cards with names of famous footballers and their position in the team and distribute these to children. They can move around the class and when the sports whistle is blown they stop and introduce themselves in the guise of the card’s description to the person next to them, with the cards then being exchanged.