A combination of archive film and witness statements showing the role of Stalin in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. It is said that Stalin's standing ovations were so long because nobody dared to be the first to stop clapping after his speeches. Stalin was an insecure man, obsessed with destroying political opponents, and then later his colleagues and the senior communists who helped him to power. The clip features archive film showing a speech by Stalin, the show trial of Bukharin in the 1930s and interviews with Bukharin's widow and a cartoonist who remembered the trial.

This clip is from:
People's Century, 1917: Red Flag
First broadcast:
27 September 1995

Students could evaluate Stalin’s personality and develop their knowledge and understanding of power in order to discuss how Stalin used his power so effectively. They could also analyse how Stalin accumulated such a high level of personal power and investigate why he turned against members of his own party. Pupils could discuss if his actions were supported by some people in Russia. Learners could investigate whether the crimes that defendants were accused of in the 'show trials' were faked and evaluate why Bukharin remained such a devout communist, even in death.