The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and pianist Boris Giltburg perform an excerpt from Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3. The clip is an example of a concerto; a soloist accompanied by an orchestra. The clip is introduced by violinist Lorna Rough, who talks about the relationship between the orchestra and the soloist. Features the following concepts- piano, orchestra, viola, double bass, arco, rubato, violin, solo, diminuendo, legato, cello.

This clip could be used to explore dynamics and the concept of rubato. Learners could experiment with instruments and a piece of music of their choice, adding different dynamics and rubato to convey different emotions. Relationships between musicians playing together could also be discussed, with learners sharing any experiences gained thus far. Group performances could be evaluated by peers, with learners encouraged to focus on balance of dynamics and interaction between musicians.