During the summer in Munich, whole families flock to one of the city's 180 beergardens. Beergardens are a way of life and very much a family affair in Germany and can be described as 'outdoor living rooms'. Often three generations of one family will enjoy an afternoon at a beergarden, where adults can sit and relax while children have fun in the play areas. Children never come into contact with the beer – they drink soft drinks instead. Families often bring their own picnics to beergardens, where they can eat, drink, chat and make new friends. The beer garden epitomises the fact that Germans take every possible opportunity to eat outside, to the extent that cafés will place blankets on outdoor seating to keep customers warm during the colder months.

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Students could carry out research about what people in German-speaking countries like to do 'im Ferien' – in the holidays. Students can then compare and contrast the differences, if any, between the different countries. Students could also look at the different names used for certain foods and drinks for each country.