When Darnley is murdered, Mary, Queen of Scots makes a very controversial decision. She marries the man who may have been responsible for her husband's death - the Earl of Bothwell. Unable to clear herself of any involvement and to avoid civil war, Mary must surrender her power and her country.

First broadcast:
8 December 2008

Students could explore the different murder theories and suspects, and discuss which seem most likely. Provide packs of evidence for students to study and challenge them to produce a report for the Procurator Fiscal, stating whether or not they feel Mary Queen of Scots has a case to answer. Find out what students know about the Craigmillar Bond, what it contained and who was involved in the plot.
Debate whether Scottish nobles were more concerned about Mary's possible involvement in Darnley's murder and her relationship with Bothwell or the fact that she was Catholic. Discuss the shifting power between monarchy and parliament.