A criminal mastermind informs his gang of the heist plan. Each of the four members has an animal toy representing them. The heist plan is complicated, involving much to-ing and fro-ing and in the end most of them are somewhat confused as they go via a bank, a launderette, a post office, a café (where Pili has cake) and a cinema. Finally, the plan has them returning to the warehouse. At one point Pili asks Javier if they are going to the zoo. He explains that they are but not until the weekend. From then on Pepe, perhaps inspired by the animal toys, refers everything back to going to the zoo and is constantly told by Miguel and Javier that they aren’t going to the zoo until the weekend. Miguel gets more and more frustrated. Having gone through it all slowly, and confusing himself in the process, Miguel recaps the plan once more and asks if there are any more questions. Pepe, with a one-track mind, ask when are they going to the zoo. The others can’t believe their ears.

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This could be used to review places in a town and to reinforce the future tense. Pupils could be given the infinitive of the verbs that are used and could try to add the correct endings for 'yo', 'tú' and 'él/ella'. As a follow-up activity, they could use a map of a town to say where they 'will' go, what they 'will do/see/buy' etc.