The relationship between the Picts and the Northumbrians. The Northumbrians took control of lands to the south of Pictland, including Din-Eidyn, which they re-named Edwin's Burgh (now Edinburgh). Under King Ecgfrith, the Northumbrians travelled north and attacked the Picts. The decisive battle took place at Dunnichen, where the Picts ambushed the Northumbrians. They drove them out of Pictland and removed a major threat to themselves, the Scotti and the Britons.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, The New Scots
First broadcast:
19 October 2001

On a map the students could locate Din-Eidyn (Edwins-Burgh); Dunnichen; Northumbrian territory; Pictland and Firth of Forth. The students could draw their own diagram of the battle, indicating how the Picts defeated the Northumbrians.

Alternatively, students could write a newspaper-style account of the battle of Dunnichen, being sure to include all the key characters mentioned in this clip.