Children demonstrate how to cook pancakes and make pancake fillings. We see the ingredients and learn how the pancakes are made. The pupils also make apple sauce and chive fillings and discuss their preferences. We see how different areas of Germany have different names for pancakes. The commentary is in German and English.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

Invite the children to write down the caption words introduced in the clip and then use them to write their own recipe for pancake with apple sauce.
Ask the children to find words with umlauts: 'Schürze', 'Kochmütze', 'Öl', 'Äpfel', 'Käse' and pronounce them correctly.
Have a look at the compound nouns 'Pfannkuchen', 'Erdbeermarmelade', 'Kochmütze'. Which words are they made of? Provide more German words on cards and ask the children to make other compound nouns, eg. 'Kindergarten' or 'Krankenhaus'. Provide images of the words, ask the children to group them correctly and then say the German compound noun.
Look at the different German terms for pancakes in the North and the South of Germany. What do they literally mean in English?