A group of young canoeists talk about their campaign to gain access to the rivers of Wales. They have used the petitioning system at the National Assembly for Wales to voice their concerns.

Members of the Petitions Committee talk to the canoeists and seek the views of local people. An angler offers an opposing view, arguing that the canoeists don't pay to use the river. He feels strongly that the right to use the river brings with it responsibilities, and argues that paying to use the river would help to maintain the habitat.

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12 June 2009

The class could debate, 'Everyone should have free access to rivers in the UK.' Students could identify a local issue and explore approaches to take action, this could include: writing a letter to their local councillor, setting-up a meeting between young people and their local councillor, getting the local councillor to ask a question on their behalf, collecting signatures and submitting a petition.