Marcia Walker is a Restorative Justice worker assigned to the real case of a shopkeeper who was badly hurt when a 17-year-old boy hit him on the head with a glass bottle. With Marcia's support and mediation, the shopkeeper and the boy meet at the Youth Offender Panel meeting. The shopkeeper and the boy talk about how they felt before and during this meeting and the beneficial effects of the encounter.

This clip is from:
Youth and Community Justice
First broadcast:
17 June 2009

The clip could lead from study into the alternatives to prison. Ask students to work in groups to consider why the Restorative Justice approach worked in this instance? What are the benefits of this approach for victims and offenders? Are there any drawbacks?
Students could research Restorative Justice approaches in Scotland. They could analyse statistics and rates of re-offending following Restorative Justice programmes in Scotland, via the SACRO website.
As a wider discussion, the class could consider the involvement of victims and offenders in the justice system. A debate could be held on whether victims of crime or their families should be involved in aspects of law such as sentencing.