Actor Adrian Lester watches pairs of students as they practise the fight techniques he has shown them. He comments on each performance and offers advice focusing on how they could be more effective and he also provides safety tips.

First broadcast:
4 June 2010

With teacher guidance and supervision, students could practice the move shown within the clip – firstly on their own, and then with a partner.
Secondly, students could work with a fight scene from 'Romeo and Juliet'. Ask pupils to plot the fight on paper, writing down the series of movements that would make up the fight. Discuss the importance of planning when rehearsing a fight. Ask students to choose roles for their fight scene and then they should note down their characters' thoughts and motivations for the fight. Do they feel fear? Worry? Anger? Discuss how this might alter the fight. Next, note down the status levels in the scene. Do they stay the same or change? How would this affect a fight? Then the students should use this information to make their fight not only believable but also make it fit the play and the characters.