A visit to a klompen factory to find out how clogs are made. Three million pairs of clogs are made in the Netherlands every year. They are worn by people who work in cold, wet or dirty conditions. Although originally hand carved, for the past 90 years clogs have been made using electric machinery and templates, which enable multiple copies to be made.

First broadcast:
14 March 2008

The clip could be used to stimulate research into national country icons. Children could look at other iconic things which are associated with particular countries, whether they are landmarks, food, drinks or clothing. Children could produce fact booklets on one of these things, or work in groups to cover iconic landmarks or iconic clothing. Alternatively the clip could be used to stimulate a study on the country of Holland. Children could research the landscape, climate and culture and they could compare and contrast these things with the UK. By locating Holland on the map or globe, children could predict what things the UK and Holland may have in common, in terms of climate and landscape.