A general introduction to Kenya, which locates the country in relation to Africa and the rest of the world, giving some comparisons with Britain. Some of the natural landscapes of the country are highlighted, including the Rift Valley and Mount Kenya. Agricultural production is also discussed.

First broadcast:
14 May 2007

A useful introduction to the study of a contrasting country, this clip provides key facts about Kenya that the pupils can use to complete a fact-file. Prior to watching the clip, pupils could be given key questions to find the answers to: "Where is Kenya located in the world? How would you travel there? What countries would you pass through? How long would it take? What landscapes would you find in Kenya? What type of farming takes place on the land?" If necessary, the clip can be paused at timely intervals to provide opportunities to take notes. Ultimately, the task could culminate in students writing a short informative piece of writing for publication in a travel guide or delivering a short verbal presentation to the rest of the class.