Actor Don Gilet narrates 'The Great Tug of War', which is set in Africa. Mmutla the Hare tricks Tlou the Elephant and Kubu the Hippo into having an epic tug of war. King Lion, together with Tswhene the Baboon and wise old Khudu the Tortoise, set out to teach Mmutla a lesson. However the clever Hare is always one step ahead. 'The Great Tug of War' was written by Beverley Naidoo and illustrated by Piet Grobler.

First broadcast:
23 February 2007

Links could be made with the work of Rudyard Kipling and students could go on to read a 'Just So' story of their choice. How does their 'Just So' story compare to ‘The Great Tug of War’ in terms of characterisation, tone and style of writing? Students could go on to write a story with a similar theme, for example, ‘How the Fish Got His Scales’. Students could even send their stories to the author of ‘The Great Tug of War’, Beverley Naidoo. Ask students to write a letter to accompany their stories, giving their thoughts on ‘The Great Tug of War’ and introducing themselves and their stories.