Extract from drama 'Dear Nobody'. Teenage couple Helen and Chris begin a sexual relationship. They face difficult decisions when Helen falls pregnant. Helen is struggling with conflicting feelings, opinions and emotions. Her mum exerts a powerful controlling influence, preventing communication and leaving the couple with difficult choices to make alone without an understanding of each other's opinions.

This clip is from:
Scene, Dear Nobody - part 2
First broadcast:
6 March 1998

In this clip, we see a very overpowering parent who insists that Helen and Chris do as she wishes and fails to consult the children on their own desires. This would make an excellent stimulus for a debate about parenting and whether or not parents always know best. Another task could be to generate a list of qualities that children value in their parents. This could then lead to each child in the class writing to their own parents to tell them what they like about their parenting and what frustrates and upsets them. This would provide ample opportunity for pupils to understand that relationships are two-way and that they have a key part to play too. This is the third of six clips from the series 'Dear Nobody'.