Jimmy demonstrates how to make gelatine by using acid to break down the collagen found in pig skin and trotters. He then uses his gelatine to make marshmallows, one of the many products found in supermarkets which use gelatine as a key ingredient.

This clip is from:
Jimmy's Food Factory
First broadcast:
9 February 2011

Could be used to reflect on cultural taboos of using animal-based ingredients in vegetarian food products.
The teacher might begin the lesson with a range of products, which learners will investigate and categorise as suitable or not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or people with particular religious or cultural dietary requirements. This could be used as a revision or exam preparation activity on dietary needs, and might lead to a debate on the use of labelling of animal-based ingredients in food products. The clip might also be used to introduce the use of gels, gelatinisation and aeration.