A description of the largest of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro; Rocinha, where 100,000 people live. The former wooden shacks have been upgraded to permanent dwellings with some modern services, and residents constantly improve their homes through a process of 'self-help'. We are introduced to a typical Rocinha family who migrated to Rio from the countryside. The family members describe how they make a living, and reflect on the quality of life in the favela.

This clip is from:
World 2000, Urbanisation
First broadcast:
10 October 2002

Pupils could take notes under the headings of Geraldo, Leandro and Clothilda. What do these characters think about living in Rochina? List the positives and negatives. They could also sketch a typical slum dwelling (pause a scene to help in this task), labelling the key features. They could find out the defintion of 'self-help' and research other 'self-help' schemes.