Liz Lochhead responds to questions and comments from students about her poem 'View of Scotland/Love Poem'. She expands her thoughts on memories and the importance of the past, including New Year traditions. She makes a distinction between memory and nostalgia, the former representing truth, the latter likely to comprise 'sentimental lies about the past'. There is also some black and white film from the 1950s depicting Hogmanay celebrations.

First broadcast:
16 October 2009

Before watching the clip, ask students to consider the role of memory in poetry. Ask them to jot down one or two memories (positive and negative), then write down words that help describe how each memory makes them feel. Then write down the following words: ‘nostalgia’ and ‘memory’. As they look at the words, what do they see and feel? Write this down too. Once ideas have been shared, ask them to listen to Liz Lochhead in the clip, then compare her ideas with their own. Can they relate? Everyone has their own way of remembering something – encourage a discussion on how our inner views (deeper ideas and memories) affect perspective. Then challenge students to write a short poem about ‘memory’.