Recognising and understanding the value of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins used to pay for fairground rides. Simple problems involving counting of money are solved in this, for example, paying and giving change.

First broadcast:
23 October 2000

Before the clip begins ask children to list all the coins currently in circulation. Stop the clip at 19 seconds and 37 seconds and ask the children how much money each character has altogether. As the children watch the clip they can use their white boards to keep a record of money spent and money ‘left’ after each transaction. Children could write their own ‘fairground’ stories in which children start out with a set of coins and then spend it on various rides. Rules could be set such as the children go on three rides and always have the correct money to pay for the rides. Or the children go on three rides which have a total cost of 50p. These would then be read aloud and the amount of money spent and the money 'left’ recorded by the children to see if the stories are ‘correct’.