Jonas is 12 and lives on the outskirts of Rio with his mum, dad and sister. Around the corner from his house is one of the best Samba schools in Rio – Portela. For the last year he has been going there to learn how to drum in a samba band, and he is doing really well. He explains the rhythms of Samba, and plays his tambourine alongside the bass and snare drums. They then head out onto the streets of Rio with dancers for a big performance.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Brazil
First broadcast:
11 March 2010

The class could discuss which countries use drums as part of their national music. They could name famous carnivals in the world and explore they are different to their local carnival for instance. They could perform a rhythmic piece whereby each group of instruments has its own rhythm which must be played on all the tambourines. When the teacher makes a gesture then everyone plays a short snappy rhythm together. The use of a whistle to increase tempo could be used for more authenticity.