An animation telling the story of Jesus sharing the Passover meal with his closest friends. During the meal, he explains that he knows that one of his friends will betray him to his enemies, and reveals he knows it would be Judas. The animation shows Jesus sharing bread and wine with his friends and telling them that even though he was going to die, he would still be with them.

This clip is from:
Watch, Christianity: Friends
First broadcast:
21 September 2007

Ask a range of questions to encourage the children to think about what happened. Why were they having a meal? How did Jesus know that he was going to die? Why did Judas betray Jesus? Using a picture of the Last Supper, ask the children to draw thought bubbles for Judas, Jesus, Peter and one more disciple. The children could write down what they think each person was thinking during the Last Supper. Once completed, compare ideas and discuss.