A group of Italian children take part in a treasure hunt amongst mythical stone creatures in the 16th century Monster Park on the edge of Rome. The Monster Park was created by Prince Orsini for his wife in 1552 and he filled it with statues depicting mythological characters. The group of children are given maps so they can seek out the hidden treasure. Clues lead them from one statue to the next, such as Pegasus and the Sleeping Beauty, and eventually they reach the site of the treasure in the Ogre, the most fearsome of all the characters in the park. Spoken Italian with Italian graphics. Narrated in English.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

Could be used to introduce the topic of Roman history and mythology by exploring this important and exciting ancient civilization. Children could be given the names of different characters, identify them in the clip and subsequently undertake a small research exercise to broaden their knowledge.
The clip could initiate a discussion relating to the different statues illustrated. The children could be asked to compare the Roman Park with parks within in their country, sharing observations with their peers.

Could be used to introduce associated language topics, such as animals, fruit, directions and adjectives. Children could be split into small groups and asked to create their own map of an ancient park based on the map of the school ground and devise their own language clues to be used by other groups in a target language treasure hunt.