Kira and her friends talk about life at a Spanish secondary school. We follow them through the various classes and breaks of a normal school day. We learn expressions such as 'classes start at 8.30', 'at 9.30 we change classes', 'now there is a break' and 'at 12.30 the last two classes start'. There are opportunities to identify cultural differences between British and Spanish schools and to express opinions and reasons for liking subjects.

This clip is from:
Spanish Shorts
First broadcast:
23 February 2007

Students could be given an alphabetical list of school subjects to identify and tick off. They could then practise the pronunciation of the subjects, based on the intonation of the Spanish pupils.
On a cultural level, a class could comment on the differences between British and Spanish schools. What time do they eat? What time do they finish? What do the pupils think about the lack of uniform, the use of blackboards in classrooms, the bilingual classes, the long mornings, the basketball. Which do they prefer?