The rainforests in Costa Rica exist in a delicate balance. Water and nutrients within the forest are recycled and in this way the ecosystem sustains itself. Rain falls daily over the forest. The water is absorbed by plants and returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration. The cloud cover over the rainforest prevents plants from being damaged by the sun. Nutrients are also recycled so plants can continue to grow.

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World Physical
First broadcast:
21 February 2008

By supplying a basic map of Costa Rica, students could annotate reasons why Costa Rica has a rainforest, including the three key reasons given on the clip. This clip could be used as an introduction to rainforests, and features of the ecosystems. Students could locate this and other rainforests on a map. The water cycle of the rainforest is explained, and this could be drawn visually, with an extension being for students to add additional paths the water may take in a rainforest environment.