Baby Jamie is being baptised in a church. Jamie's older brother explains that the parents and godparents make a promise to help Jamie grow up to be a Christian. The vicar pours water from the font over Jamie's head. He says Jamie's full name and makes the sign of the cross. A candle is lit to symbolise Jamie shining like a light.

First broadcast:
15 April 1997

Ask the class if they know what a baptism is. Have they ever been to one? If so, do they remember what happens during the ceremony? Prepare a set of flashcards with pictures of the events portrayed in the clip. Distribute them at random and ask students to physically stand in the order in which those actions take place. They can then explain what happens in their picture and its significance. They could choose one of the flashcards and draw it in their books with a brief description. Why is baptism important in Christianity?