Little Juan and Pedro have been sent to buy sausages for a barbecue. There are going to be 20 guests but they only have 6 sausages. They visit the shop to buy some more, and the shopkeeper says he has a pack of 15. El Nombre helps them to work out whether or not they've now got enough sausages by adding the two numbers together. When Little Juan and Pedro try to add 15 and 6, El Nombre explains it is best to start with the biggest number first when adding two numbers together.

This clip is from:
Numbertime, Adding Three Numbers
First broadcast:
24 September 2001

The teacher could give the children a collection of clear bags containing counters with labels showing how many counters are in each bag. The children could then select two bags to add together. They could record the calculation as a written sum. Children could be reminded to begin with the bag with the largest number of counters, then add on the smaller number as shown in the clip.