Biodiversity is the planet's full range of life forms. Humans are only one species among millions and biodiversity benefits humans and other species alike. Experts discuss why we need biodiversity. This includes food, medicines, industrial products, gene pool preservation, biological services such as pollination and cleaning water. We also have an ethical responsibility of stewardship over other species on the planet.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Secondary, Darwin
First broadcast:
11 March 2009

Students could be asked to identify the reasons the scientists interviewed in this clip give for preserving biodiversity. The class could research products in the classroom or school which originated from plants or animals or they may choose a specific area, such as medicine or materials, and explore their basis in the natural world. Investigate a range of human influences on biodiversity, including in the local area. These could involve overexploitation, habitat loss and the introduction of non-native species.