GB Paralympian Mel Clarke encourages girls to try the skillful sport of archery. BBC Presenter Jess Creighton meets top archer Mel Clarke at her training base in Lilleshall. Mel has battled through several serious health issues to climb to the top of her sport. Jess and viewers learn that Mel wants to encourage girls of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to get involved in archery, a sport they might not have considered before. Mel talks about her archery career and what originally drew her to the sport. She also tells viewers what it takes to become a top archer, such as steady nerves, concentration, strength and precision. Mel also explains what the sport has done for her in terms of life skills, fitness, organisation, travel, making friends and giving her a sense of purpose from a young age –even though she wasn’t very good when she first started. We then see Mel coach beginners at a local primary school in Telford. Mel demonstrates the basics to the girls who then practice their shooting, and conducts a Q and A session.

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Pupils could discuss why it’s important not to give up? What happens when you give up? Can they think of a time they gave up on something? Pupils could write a wish list of things they would like to achieve in the next month, or year and present it to the class. This could be used to discuss how you don’t need to use your feet and legs to do sport? Teachers could discuss what other sports use certain body parts?