The BBC National Orchestra of Wales with Andy Pidcock singing a call and response ‘Hello song’. There is an opportunity for students to sing ‘Hello’ when Andy pauses for the answer. The clip is supported by Makaton signing and Widgit symbols and is suitable for children with special educational needs (SEN).

First broadcast:
4 May 2011

This song can be used as a warm-up, introductory activity when a group meets for the first time or as a brief welcome at the start of the day. The pauses and awaited responses within the song encourage control and turn-taking and help to aid concentration. Alternative communication modes, such as sign or symbol systems, should be utilised so that all pupils’ contributions are valued. Younger pupils will respond particularly well to the use of puppets in this song. Using the puppets to say "Hello" in different voices enhances understanding about concepts such as ‘timbre’ and ‘dynamics’ and adds imagination and fun to the learning. Children could also try saying 'hello' whilst reflecting different moods - for example happy, sad, excited, surprised, fearful, tired or, like Andy in the clip, invent nonsense sounds or noises to experiment with the range of their voices.