Does eating breakfast affect concentration? A survey was carried out in which half the children were given breakfast and half were not. The data was collected, but no firm conclusions could be drawn, as a larger number of children need to be surveyed.

First broadcast:
10 October 2007

Follow up on the clip by testing pupils' memory skills before and after breaks in the school day. Ask: "Does taking a break improve your memory?" Pupils could be given a simple memory test (for instance recalling a list of numbers) at different times of day. The children should enter all their scores into a data table, so the results can be compared. Ask: "How can you make this a fair test?" (Pupils might suggest always using a fresh list of numbers for each test, always conducting the tests at the same times of day, and conducting a large number of tests on a large number of people, so any trends in the data are clear.) Ask the class to consider the data they have generated. Does it show that taking a break does improve your ability to remember?