A tutorial on how to make a digital photo of someone with their pet’s head attached to their own body. By taking a photograph of someone and also one of their pet, the two images can be combined for comic effect. Firstly, the person’s head is erased form the images leaving a space to paste the pet’s head image onto. Using free online photo manipulation software, the pet’s head can be outlined and copied using the lasso tool to select the specific area of the photo to be removed. This is then pasted onto the photo of the human to replace their own head. The result is a mixed image of the two. There is a brief animated reference to American animal artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge and some of his works, setting this in context and adding an element of art history.

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Using this clip as inspiration, children could create images that combine famous characters’ bodies and friends’ heads. With permission, they could combine teachers’ heads with cartoon bodies. Children could also create a group of comical elephants, giraffes or snakes using their friends’ heads.