Presenter Kim Howells and Glynn Vivian gallery curator Karen McKinnon compare the paintings of Tenby-born Augustus John and his sister Gwen John. They discuss Augustus' flamboyant style which was more popular with potential patrons. Discussing Augustus' painting The Tutor, they compare styles - Augustus was more experimental and varied his style and his colour palette more. Despite being brother and sister their styles were vastly different and became more so as they went through life. This was probably down to personality and lifestyle - Augustus' flamboyant, sociable character is reflected in his painting. As with many other artists around the time of the First World War, when the Johns were in their formative years as painters, they were influenced by European art movements. However they both treated these influences very differently.

First broadcast:
24 February 2011

Students could look carefully at the work of both artists and then make sketches of themselves or a peer in pencil or charcoal. Students could then create a larger self portrait in either the style of Gwen John or Augustus John paying careful attention to their facial proportions. Students could work in twos or threes to find out about other art movements which were taking place in Europe at that time and present a summary of their research to the class, giving opportunity for questions.