Starting with an extract, the presenter explains the importance of the Shema as an affirmation of Judaism and a declaration of faith in one God. This is followed by an animated story of how Abraham discovered that the one God must be the maker of everything in existence.

This clip is from:
Pathways of Belief, Judaism: God
First broadcast:
25 January 2007

This clip is useful to portray some characteristics of a Jewish prayer and the belief in only one God. Pupils could list five key points mentioned in the clip and discuss them in small groups. Draw attention to the idea of praying in a different language and pupils' reaction to this. If possible, provide a copy of Shema so they can look at it in detail and study Hebrew writing. This could lead on to further research on the subject. Some pupils could then look into the Hebrew alphabet, try to write their names in Hebrew or learn how to say some phrases and compare the language to another.