Cartoon characters discuss what exactly a uniform is. Arguments for and against are presented including the implications for a football team with no uniform, the expense of replacing a uniform regularly when children grow quickly and the need to look smart. Each valid point is noted and recorded to see which side can deliver the strongest case.

First broadcast:
8 June 2009

Students could be asked whether they believe the children in this clip were arguing. They could then discuss how the children successfully discussed differing viewpoints without arguing. A list of the things that the children did to keep their debate fair could be compiled, for example they did not interrupt one another and waited their turn to speak. Students could then set these as their own debating rules.

Students could pick an issue to debate. Divide everyone into two groups, one to agree with the statement and one to disagree with it. Students in each group could come up with persuasive arguments to support their position. A tally of the arguments for and against could be kept and each student could decide for themselves which side made the most convincing arguments.