Jenny does not want to get up in the morning. She feels there is always conflict between herself and her mum and brother. She decides to write an advert saying her family is for sale.

This is a useful opportunity to pose the questions in a circle time session on the theme of relationships and conflict. Try to ask questions from both perspectives – Jenny’s and her Mum’s.
Do you think Jenny is being helpful? Is her attitude towards her mum good or bad and why? How do you think Jenny’s mum feels? What could Jenny do to be helpful in the mornings? How do you think Jenny’s mum would feel knowing that Jenny wants to sell her family? How do you think Jenny would feel if someone did buy her family?
Rather than creating a 'for sale' sign like Jenny did, create a poster focusing on strengths of their family. The class could generate a promise that they will do for their family that evening to help or be thankful towards their parents/ carer. This could then be brought back and discussed in the next lesson.