A criminal mastermind reveals his escape plan from a bank robbery to his three gang members. The crime boss, Miguel, gets progressively more frustrated as Pepe can’t get his head around it. Miguel hands out toys to each of them to represent them. Javier is happy with his soldier until he sees that Miguel has given himself a cool knight. Pili doesn’t look too happy at being a cute kitten and Pepe is thrilled at being a pirate. Javier obviously has a problem with Miguel, and when Miguel discusses the getaway vehicle being a car (which he demonstrates using a toy car) he insists he hates cars and wants a truck instead. Javier and Miguel argue it out. To appease them, Pili suggests a boat. Pepe, very much a child in an adult body, wants to use a motorbike. Miguel then goes on to give directions from the bank as they escape. Javier guides the toy car left and straight on. Then Pepe attempts to do ‘second on the right’ but is corrected by Javier as he doesn’t know his left and his right. When Miguel reaches the conclusion of how they all get home, Pepe, as ever, makes the final stupid comment: that the toy car is too small and that they can’t all fit in it. The others can’t believe their ears.

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Pupils could be issued with a map of a town (or draw their own). They could also be given a toy vehicle. The teacher reads out directions to an undisclosed destination for pupils to guess, following the directions on their map. Then in pairs they could make up their own set of directions, to another undisclosed location, for their partner to guess.