The Ugly Sisters say that Cinderella has called them names and is always going in their rooms to clean. They try to persuade Judge Jenny to make her stop. Cinderella defends her actions and Judge Jenny sums up so that the audience can discuss and decide.

First broadcast:
22 March 2011

This clip ould be used to help pupils role-play a similar scene. In groups of three, one person plays the judge and the other two play the accused and the victim. The victim is given their role and argument (such as "Mum - he never tidies his room and I always have to clean up the mess" and "Son - I don't clean it because Mum always does it before I get the chance"). Their task would be to take it in turns to tell the judge their side of the story and for the judge decide who is right and who is wrong. They can also take turns playing the judge to explore different points of view.