A suspect is interrogated by a good and bad cop on the grammar used on a poster for a missing cat. The bad cop is a grammar fanatic and goes through her poster line by line, getting progressively more apoplectic, despite his doctor’s advice. The good cop attempts to calm him down throughout. Not only does the bad cop point out the incorrect adjectival agreements and dative pronouns, he also takes them through verb conjugation on the board. The suspect finally admits that she is English and this is why she has been getting her grammar wrong. The good cop is impressed with her standard of Spanish after only a month in the country but the bad cop says it’s no excuse. Before she goes she must read out the full corrected poster, after doing this she is free to go. However, the bad cop himself makes a grammatical mistake. The good cop holds him down as the suspect puts handcuffs on him quoting his former line that grammar is very important!

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Pupils could be given a number of sentences with similar grammatical mistakes to those in the clip and could try to correct the errors. This could also be done as a gap-fill exercise.