A group of children discuss anger. They explain that there are good and bad types of anger. The good type doesn't hurt anyone. The bad type leads to damaging people or things. The children explain what makes them feel angry and then produce paintings to illustrate anger. They describe the feelings that lead to anger and acknowledge that there are different levels of anger.

First broadcast:
5 November 2007

Children could use the ideas raised in this clip as a starting point to discuss different types of anger. Through such discussions, the children could begin to consider when it is right or reasonable to feel angry in certain situations. Following this, the children could then begin to identify their own anger triggers in order to make them more aware of their own feelings and emotions. Having recognised such issues the children could go on to discuss appropriate ways to deal with different types and levels of anger. Through their discussions, the children could be encouraged to recognise triggers which may make them angry and develop a range of positive strategies to use when dealing with conflict.