In this the first of two clips, seven-year-old Fred feels left out at school and with his friends. He is beginning to think he is invisible. When the boy gets home his mum is busy with his sister and tells him she doesn't have time for him just now. Fred feels confused and upsets and thinks about what he can do to get their attention.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me
First broadcast:
21 June 2007

This clip could be paused at different times and students could discuss how Fred is feeling at this time. They could explore how it feels to be ignored, and consider why Fred says he feels invisible. This feeling could be explored further in the storybook 'Not Now Bernard' by David McKee. Students could make a paper plate portrait to show someone who feels lonely and ignored. Encourage students to look out for people who look like this in the playground and discuss what they could do help this person.

Students could then consider what the consequences of hiding his sister’s inhalers could be. Would this get his mum's attention? Students could discuss negative and positive attention, and consider which one hiding the inhalers would come under. Students could brainstorm ideas on what he could do to gain positive attention.