Danyal and Buki present their favourite Roman sights in Italian, including the Roman Forum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and the Appian Way. They also visit lesser known places that children enjoy; the place where Julius Caesar was killed, now a cat sanctuary, and one of the best ice cream shops in Rome. The tour is presented in Italian, and place names and key words appear on screen in Italian.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

This clip could be used as a starting point for introducing the Romans by linking Italian language with the history topic of an ancient civilization. Having looked at the clip, children can be asked to research the places and monuments mentioned in order to recreate a timeline with key facts and events. They can also compare the historic sites in Rome and Italy, with other Roman sites throughout Europe.

Could also be used to introduce the activities of giving directions and describing places. Small groups of children can be provided with blank maps of Rome and asked to construct their own version of Rome complete with historic buildings and monuments. This can lead to exercises in children directing their peers to places on the individual maps.