An animation aimed at teenagers with severe learning difficulties. A teenage boy ends up feeling ashamed after getting dressed in clothes that have been lying around his room for several days. Adam (a teenage boy with severe learning difficulties) is sitting on the edge of his bed having just woken up. Various items of clothing lie scattered around his bedroom. He reaches for a grubby-looking pair of trousers and a dirty T-shirt lying on the floor and takes a dirty pair of socks from his laundry basket. He walks past the bathroom without going in and goes into the kitchen wearing his stale clothes. His mother gives him a look of disgust and wafts her hand under her nose. Adam looks down at his clothes and appears ashamed. A question mark appears. The video replays. During the replay, as Adam reaches for the grubby trousers a Widgit 'stop' sign appears. He takes a clean T-shirt from a chest of drawers, clean trousers and a fresh pair of socks. He goes into the kitchen and shares a smile with his mother.

First broadcast:
21 October 2010

This clip could be used to support PSHE learning in relation to personal care and appropriate choice. It encourages learners to wear fresh clothes by illustrating what other people might think and feel if they wear dirty clothes. The widgit symbols can be used as pause-points by teachers to highlight key issues for discussion.