How to make a tessellating ghost pattern wallpaper in the style of artist M.C.Escher. A ghost outline is drawn to create the basic image to be repeated throughout this design. The image is drawn around as a template and repeated before being flipped over and repeated beneath itself. In this way all images interlock with each other and create a larger infinite design with repeated ghost images. This design could be extended horizontally or vertically to fit any required shape or space available. There is a brief animated reference to the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelius (M.C.) Escher, as well as some of his works, to set this in context and add an element of art history.

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Children can draw a simple ghost pattern of their own to practise creating a tessellating pattern. They could explore a range of themes, shapes and patterns in a similar way. They could use the same skills to design wallpaper, wrapping paper or bookmark strips.