A look at how the creatures that live in a rockpool survive. The presenter begins by talking about the tide. With the help of an expert, Marcus, they explore rockpool life and how the sea anemone and seaweed anchor themselves to rocks for stability. Finally, they look at how a crab protects itself and how it can re-grow a leg or claw if it loses one.

First broadcast:
18 September 2007

As part of a topic on animals and their habitats, pupils could be presented with a blank picture of a rock pool and a range of animals and plants to select from. Can they decide which creatures would live in the rock pool and explain to the class or group why they made their choices? Once they have watched the clip, the children could discuss the similar features rock pool creatures possess - suckers and camouflage for example. Could they design their own rock pool creature, taking into account colour and ability to withstand the force of the tides?