A powerful animation using first-person testimony from two children, Ben and Izzie, who both suffer with anaphylactic allergies. Izzy describes what anaphylaxis is and what it does to your body. Together they describe the different ways it influences their daily lives. Using the children’s real first person testimonies creates an intimate and direct tone that help us to empathise with the people’s differences. Izzy describes the anxiety she feels when she’s in an environment that she can’t control; a market place, or the school cafeteria. As well as the isolation that it can cause from friends and non-sufferers. Ben clearly describes the frustration that can occur when his allergy is ignored. Both circumstances are easily relatable to children; they talk about school, family, friends, holidays and birthday parties. Contains some scenes which younger viewers may find upsetting. Teacher review prior to use in class is recommended.

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This animation could be particularly useful for teachers when covering topics understanding and respecting differences and similarities. Before watching the clip pupils could be asked if they know what anaphylaxis is and how it can affect someone that suffers from it. After watching the clip the children could talk about what changes they would need to make at school for someone with anaphylaxis.