Three children collect parsnip seeds from a plant grown last year on their allotment. They prepare the soil, plant and water them, explaining why this is important. They dig up a parsnip and prepare it for eating. Then they visit an enormous farm in Norfolk where they see radishes grown, harvested and prepared while the farmer explains the processes involved.

First broadcast:
22 March 2011

This clip could be used for reinforcement of understanding about the requirements of plants for life and growth and of the life cycles of flowering plants. It could be used without the sound and following discussion the pupils could be asked to produce scripts for a voiceover. Alternatively, the latter part of the clip could be used for note-taking, where the pupils compile a list of important terminology and the sequence of events involved in the mass production of food for supermarkets. This could then be compared and contrasted with the smaller scale of the allotment illustrated at the beginning.